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Ethical Phishing

Train staff on email risks with Ethical Phishing campaigns

4Cambridge now offers an ethical phishing campaign service.  This allows you to monitor your users response to phishing emails and raise awareness of the risks to the business of clicking on links in phishing emails.

Phishing emails are the entry weapon of choice for many cyber-criminals, relying on human nature to trust and believe emails they have been sent.  These genuine-looking emails are used to trigger dangerous malware, which could cause you to either lose your data or (even worse) hand over sensitive information to the criminals.

Phishing simulations offer the tools to increase staff awareness, empower users and reduce risk.  Frequent repetition of the tests offers the best results – as changing behaviour is a process over time. Awareness education is important, but continuous assessment and accurate reporting of results on an historically comparative basis is also important to set the right mind-set and provide accurate information to management.  Once management understand the risks and the extent of the issue, they can ensure that appropriate steps are taken and see a tangible improvement over time.

How it works

The Phish5 process allows you to send structured emails to your staff, and track the responses.  These can be designed to mimic typical generic emails, such as Dropbox share requests or LinkedIn invites.  You will be able to see who clicks on the links in the emails, and who then enters their credentials onto a fake login web site.

Once the campaigns are run you can then follow up and raise awareness within your organisation, using the results to back up your key security messages.  The information allows you to provide a measure of the risk levels to your management team, and allows you to target training on those most likely to respond to such threats.

Ethical phishing for your business

If you would like more information on our Ethical Phishing service, or if you would like a quote to run the service for your organisation, please contact us.

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