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5 Business Benefits of Office 365

05/06/2017 - Information Technology

Office 365 is helping improve how many businesses work.  Here are our top five reasons why clients are moving to Microsoft Office 365 for their licencing

Predictable costs and reduced capital outlay
The subscription pricing model means you can spread the cost of your software, helping cashflow and forecasting.  Rather than having a big cost every few years, this allows you to pay for your software on a monthly or annual basis.  This moves the costs from being a large capital outlay to more regular operating expenses.

Per User licensing
Increasingly businesses are encouraging staff to work on more than one device.  This could include a PC for the office, a laptop when on the road, a terminal server for home working, and a smartphone for anytime access. Traditionally the Office applications have been licenced per device.  With Office 365 the licencing is per person, and each person can use the software on up to 5 devices with one licence.

Always up to date
With Office 365 you will always be entitled to use the latest versions of the Microsoft Office suite.  When Microsoft released Office 2016 any users with a relevant Office 365 licence were allowed to upgrade for no extra cost. Gone are the days of buying a piece of software, only to find it become out of date a few months later.

Everyone on the same version
How many times have you looked around an office and found different people in the same team using different versions of Office?  You then get compatibility issues, or files "not opening right" when they are sent from one person to another.  Because all Office 365 users can upgrade to the latest version, the problem of mixed versions goes away and all your team can work on the same software.

Simpler licensing
Understanding and managing software licencing can be difficult.  Microsoft have put together a range of Office 365 software bundles, making it easy for you to work out what you require for your business.  You can mix and match licences to ensure you only buy what you need.  Also, because they are subscription based, you can increase and decrease you licence count as the business requires.

Ready to move to Office 365?
As a Microsoft Certified Partner 4Cambridge are ideally placed to help you with your Office 365 licencing.  If you want to migrate to Office 365, call us now on 01223 455 000.