Flexible, resilient and secure = Cloud

Most of our clients' systems are built around the Microsoft 365 platform, providing a flexible, secure and cost-effective base infrastructure.  Hosting email with Exchange Online and storing documents with SharePoint and OneDrive, which both also integrate with Microsoft Teams to provide a complete collaboration solution.  This enables your team to communicate and work effectively with best of breed productivity tools, all in a single environment.

Where you need to run servers or in-house applications, 4Cambridge manage and support deployments on the Microsoft Azure platform.  Running virtual machines on Azure allows you to continue using legacy non-cloud applications on virtual machines, so you can gain the benefits of moving to cloud without having to change all your systems.  All Azure setups are bespoke to the client, so our specialists will review your requirements and help you deploy the right systems that meet your security, performance and budgetary requirements.

Benefits of cloud computing

Cloud IT systems offer a range of benefits that are transforming the way businesses operate. One of the most significant advantages is scalability.  Cloud services have the flexibility to be easily scaled up or down to meet the changing demands of a business, ensuring that resources are not wasted and that you only pay for what you use.  Additionally, cloud systems provide enhanced collaboration opportunities, as they enable employees to access, edit, and share documents anytime, from anywhere, fostering better teamwork and more efficient workflows.

Another key benefit of cloud IT systems is disaster recovery. With data stored in the cloud, businesses can rest assured that their information is backed up and protected in a secure and safe location. This mitigates the risks associated with on-premise data storage, such as hardware failures, theft, or natural disasters. Cloud systems also offer advanced security features that protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 - email, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams

Microsoft Azure - hosting servers and applications in the cloud

Online backups - secure, offsite, and air-gapped

Cloud applications

Cloud security

Cloud migrations

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