VMWare Partner

4Cambridge are a VMware Partner, and we supply & support the VMware range of virtualisation products.

Virtualization allows businesses to consolidate multiple server installations onto fewer physical servers, improving flexibility and reducing the overall costs of running and managing servers. Originally aimed at larger companies, there are now cost-effective options for SMEs to allow them to take advantage of the benefits.

What do you get?

The main benefits of virtualization are:

  • Server consolidation – allowing you to run with fewer physical servers
  • Improved server management – with greater control over allocation of resources
  • More Flexibility – the ability to migrate live servers to different physical hardware
  • Simplified Disaster Recover and backups – using image based backups and bare metal restores
  • Reduced cost of server infrastructure and management

Find out how this can help your business

To find our more about VMware and how virtualization can transform your business, call us on 01223 455 000.