We’re a DriveLock Expert Partner, and we supply & support DriveLock to businesses across the UK. DriveLock provides full disk encryption for laptops, and gives you control of all devices connected to computers on your network.

For portable devices such as laptops and USB memory sticks we always recommend full disk encryption. Laptops are key targets for thieves and many people don’t realise how much data they store on them until it is too late. USB memory sticks are now everywhere and as they are so cheap are now considered almost disposable items, however even a small USB device can hold a large amount of sensitive data and their simple portability makes them easy to lose.

In today’s environment hard drives on client computers often contain vast amounts of sensitive or confidential information. Most measures to prevent unauthorised data access are only effective if you can provide physical security. When a computer or hard drive is lost or stolen, most security measures become ineffective. Anyone with physical access to the computer or drive can easily bypass file permissions or system passwords. Unless all data is encrypted, the business impact of such a security breach can be catastrophic.

What do you get?

DriveLock provides enforcement of your portable device policies, including:

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