DMARC Email Security Monitoring with Sendmarc

4Cambridge work with SendMarc to monitor and enforce DMARC email security for clients.

Sendmarc makes sure every email received that has your name is the real thing. A flaw in email design lets a criminal insert any sender’s address in a forged email, and this is now widely exploited by criminals. Sendmarc mitigates this flaw using DMARC.

DMARC (along with DKIM and SPF records) is a system that validates the sending server of emails as legitimate. Not only do you need to verify your main email services, such as Exchange Online, but also any other services that you use to send emails from your domain (such as Hubspot or Salesforce). With the array of cloud services now in use, it can sometimes be difficult to track which systems an organisation uses. Sendmarc manages the DMARC record for your domain, and instructs recipients to reject or quarantine emails that do not pass the validation.

Sendmarc also collates the DMARC responses from email recipients to monitor where emails from your domain are being sent from – both legitimate and otherwise.  And by simplifying the management of your DMARC settings, we can ensure it is always kept up to date when your systems change.

DMARC – enforce and monitor email verification

A simple DMARC management solution, Sendmarc helps your organisation:

  • Ensure your legitimate emails are verified and delivered
  • Reduce the risk of email impersonation by third parties
  • protect your reputation and brand identity

Find out how this can help your business

To find our more about our DMARC Security Monitoring service and how it can help protect your business, call us on 01223455 000.