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Email security is about to get better (but are you ready?)

28/01/2024 - 4Cambridge News

Email security is about to get better. And 4Cambridge are playing their part.

Some of the biggest email services such as Google and Yahoo are tightening up their security, enforcing checks on email to make sure they come from legitimate sources.  This is great news and should help combat the large numbers of impersonation emails, with spammers pretending to send from trusted email addresses. But organisations must make sure they are ready, or some of their emails will be blocked.

Whilst initially targeting the largest bulk senders, the new rules will increasingly be applied to all emails to check their validity.  The new checks involve looking at domain settings for DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance), DKIM and SPF records, and using these to validate incoming emails. Not only do you need to verify your main email services for compliance, such as Exchange Online, but also any other services that you use to send emails (such as Hubspot or Salesforce). With the array of cloud services now in use, it can sometimes be difficult to track which systems an organisation uses.

New DMARC monitoring service

4Cambridge has set up a new DMARC monitoring service, working with SendMarc to manage DMARC settings and monitor responses from recipients. This allows us to see and approve the legitimate sources, whilst also keeping track of unauthorised emails being sent out from the domain.  The new service is already makes a difference to our clients, as we identify their legitimate emails and start rejecting those from elsewhere.

Is your email protected?

Want to know if your email address is vulnerable and can be impersonated? Use the SendMarc "Know your Score" service to check the current settings for your email address.

Need to know more?

We see this as another step in helping protect the reputation of our clients.  The new service complements the existing security solutions 4Cambridge provide, helping keep our clients safe and secure.  Get in touch to find out more and learn how we can keep you safe.