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Email Signature Management

15/07/2020 - Information Technology

A good email signature is the modern business card - giving recipients key information about you as well as an opportunity to promote your organisation. But keeping signatures consistent across an organisation is a challenge. And if you want to change your email signatures then this can be a laborious manual process to get everyone to update.

Exclaimer Signature Management allows you to get consistent signatures with merged field data pulled from your existing systems. Signatures can be easily amended and updated to include short term content (such as flagging up your Christmas opening hours or a current promotion) as well as more permanent information such as social media icons and links, awards logos, and disclaimers for legal compliance.

You can even design different signatures for different departments. A marketing team can showcase an event, while customer services get a signature with the company’s opening times.

As an Exclaimer Partner, 4Cambridge are here to help you get up and running with your new signatures.  Just give us a call.