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Flash is no longer the Master of the Universe

07/01/2021 - Information Technology

Running on nearly every PC 10 years ago, Adobe Flash has now been made end of life and Adobe is recommending that all users uninstall it from their computers.

From its release in 1996 it quickly became a mainstream web browser plugin for viewing sites streaming video and animations, including many games.  However, over the last decade it has largely been superseded by more modern animation technology such as HTML5.  Several security flaws were also discovered in Flash, and it has been widely regarded as a security risk for a number of years.

Support for Adobe Flash finished on 31 December 2020, and it is now "End of Life".  This means that there will be no more updates or security patches released, and given Flashs poor security history that represents a risk to anyone still using it.  Therefore it is recommended that, if you still have it installed, you should now remove it from your machine.

From 12 January 2021 Adobe is going one stage further.  It has implemented a "time bomb" in its most recent release, so after this date users will just get a message saying it is not supported and will not be able to run Flash Player.