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Has your business got the 2X Factor?

05/02/2019 - Information Technology

Businesses are increasingly looking at flexible working for their staff, and often this means allowing staff to connect to the office and work remotely from home. But how to you make sure these remote connections are protected and not vulnerable to malicious hackers?

Over the last year the most common source of hacking attempts we have seen has been via Remote Desktop (RDP) Connections. Once hackers discover you have an open RDP connection into your office they can set up automated attacks to try and get access to your systems. These "brute force" attacks try thousands of username and password combinations to try and gain access, and they only need to get lucky once to get into your systems. Once logged in they can access your data, leaving you exposed to potential data loss and ransomware attacks.

A simple solution is to us a second authentication method, on top of your username and password. This second factor authentication (2FA) gives a whole extra level of protection to your systems. Typically this can be by sending an authentication code to your mobile phone, or an automated phone call to a landline to confirm that the person trying to access is really your employee.

4Cambridge work with DUO, a market-leading 2FA solution that is simple to set up and easy to use. Because it is a cloud-based service provided on a subscription model, it is suitable for businesses of all sizes to use. To find our more about DUO and how it can protect your business, call us on 01223 455 000 or email us via our contact form.