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Proactive IT support - the 4Cambridge way

11/11/2017 - 4Cambridge News

4Cambridge Team

Not all IT support contracts are the same.  They say that “prevention is always better than cure.”  And this is what you get in a proactive IT support contract.  As your IT support provider 4Cambridge addresses and prevents potential technical issues before they become a problem. But how does this compare to the more traditional IT support approach?

Reactive IT Support

When something goes wrong, you call your IT provider and they fix it.  They charge you for their time, then dont do anything until you call again.

The main disadvantage with reactive support is that there is disruption whilst the issue is fixed, and the IT company has no responsibility beyond getting it back working again.  Your IT provider has do a lot of digging around to get to find the cause of the problem.  This is a time consuming process that creates room for potential human error and can involve extended downtime and costs.

What is Proactive IT Support?

Proactive support is based on prevention.  With proactive IT support, IT support teams constantly monitor the servers and perform regular maintenance, reducing the risk of failures occurring in the first place.  IT security vulnerabilities and potential server problems can be prevented before they occur.  Proactive IT support gives your IT support team ability to gain full visibility into your current IT infrastructure including your entire network environment, servers, and workstations.

The 4Cambridge monitoring systems run checks on our clients servers every 15 minutes, and alert us to any potential issues.  This includes making sure the backups are run properly, anti-virus software is up to date, all the important services are running, and the servers are not running out of disk space.

Planning and risk management

Proactive IT Support contracts are typically provided for an agreed monthly cost, which helps you budget and plan your spending.  The monitoring and regular maintenance lowers the risks of downtime, and helps ensure your business runs smoothly.

"When clients invest in a support contract with us, they are typically after peace of mind," says Jon Stanton, Director of 4Cambridge.  "That is why we encourage them to adopt a proactive IT Support model.  Clients dont want to worry about their IT systems, and rely on us to ensure everything works as expected.

"With a proactive support contract, we take control of the computer system and manage it for the client.  This lets them get on with what they do best - running their business."

Get Proactive IT Support from 4Cambridge

To find out how an 4Cambridge IT Support contract can give you peace of mind, call us on 01223 455 000.