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Windows 11 is here

30/09/2021 - Information Technology

Windows 11 brings with it some significant security enhancements, as well as some changes to improve the look & feel, and the ability to run (some) Android apps on your PC or laptop.  Even better - many Windows 10 users are eligible to upgrade for free.

Having said that Windows 10 will be the "last version of Windows" back in 2015 Microsoft has now released Windows 11. To be fair, Windows 11 is very much an evolution of Windows 10 - so is not the full rewrite seen on previous upgrades.

Whilst we like Windows 11 and think it will become the standard in the coming months - there are two barriers to upgrading straight away.  Firstly - you need to make sure your applications will still work on Windows 11. Whilst many mainstream applications are already compatible - more niche or bespoke software will need testing and possibly updating before you can use them on Windows 11. Secondly - Windows 11 has some pretty demanding hardware requirements. Many machines that run Windows 10 quite happily are not compatible with Windows 11, particularly if the device is more than a couple of years old. Therefore you may have to buy a new computer before you can upgrade.

If you are considering upgrading to Windows 11 then speak to us about how 4Cambridge can help you successfully roll it out to your organisation.