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4Cambridge Endpoint Security Bundle

Endpoint Security Bundle provides multiple layers of protection to secure the workstations across your organisation.


Antivirus software is no longer enough to keep systems secure, as attacks have evolved to use more creative and complex ways to compromise systems. The Endpoint security bundle includes a collection of tools that complement each other to provide an enhanced level of protection.


The Endpoint Security Bundle includes next generation antivirus with extended threat protection (XTP) based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework, DNS protection, and Ransomware protection, which link back to our Threat Hunting Action Centre, This combination makes up a full Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution, which is managed and monitored by our team. On top of this the bundle includes 3rd Party patch management for over 100 common applications, over and above the routine Windows operating system patches.


And to ensure the office networks are protected the bundle also includes a monthly penetration test of the external-facing office IP addresses, looking for open ports or vulnerabilities that could be exploited.


Powered by Heimdal and RoboShadow – the Endpoint Security Bundle gives you the advanced security you need for your workstations within a single cost-effective detection and remediation solution.


    4Cambridge Endpoint Security Bundle – your EDR solution

    Multi-layers security bundle to protect your workstations, including:

    • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

    • next generation antivirus (NGAV)

    • DNS protection

    • Ransomware protection

    • Threat Hunting Action Centre

    • 3rd Party patch management

    • monthly external penetration test

    Contact us

    Find out how this can help your business

    To find our more about how our Endpoint Security Bundle can help secure your business, call us on 01223 455 000 or email hello@4cambridge.co.uk